✧ singing through sinkoles, soothing sismic aches
group show curated by Remi Vesala

✧ Datura: flower milk blood moon (the Foundry)
c. Underground Flower
✧ Datura p.2: sunlit midnight strawberry moon (the Greenhouse)
curated by Underground Flower
✧ Andrew Rutherdale: The Monastery
✧ Areum Kim: The Skeleton of Miji
✧ Johanna Blank & Sara Blosseville: Crops
✧ Justin Ortiz: Sky Worm
✧ Julia Strandman: Hybrid Lovers
✧ Lou Shafer: Frothloamens

✧ PeePee Gallery: Somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me

✧ The Mud Held Me In and Tied Me Into A Knot, group show curated by Remi Vesala
✧ Dharma Initiatives, Episode 4: "Greenhouse"
✧ Lucas Hadjam: Ida's Flowers
✧ Eetu Sihvonen: Egg's Lore
✧ Victor Gogly: From Larva to Ghost
✧ Earthbound Lovers: Xenoflora
curated by Maikki Siuko & Iida Nissinen
✧ bridget hamel: today versus yesterday
✧ Coming soon
Iisa Lepistö: Blink blink, says the right eye when I slap my cheek